All cases must be submited via


Please make sure all information including campaign/product/tool name, client (if applicable), submitting participants and credits is referenced and spelled exactly as it should appear in information for the media, on trophies, in the IAB MIXX Awards Winners’ Gallery, and on printed and multimedia presentation materials for the Awards Gala.

We respect that entries may have information deemed confidential by the client. For this reason, you will have the opportunity in the online entry form to indicate whether or not publishing permission is granted for the written briefs section of the entry form.

Entries must be submitted by midnight on 14th of September 2021.


Ensure you submit all entry materials exactly as they were requested. Any missing material or information can result in disqualification.

The written brief is the most important part of the entry because it frames the business challenge and illustrates the creative approach as well as the effectiveness of the entry.

  • English is mandatory for the written brief 
  • The best briefs explain the competitive environment, the objectives and goals, and any evidence of performance. The brief should respond to the judging criteria (limited to 500 words).
  • Briefs should be clear, concise and free of jargon and exaggeration.
  • Each Jury analyses the entries in their categories. The judging criteria defer per Jury as explained further in this document.




  • Contact details of the person in charge of the submission:  Company/Name/First name/Function/Mobile/Adress/Postcode/City/VAT
  • Contact details submitter: Company name/Logo (300 dpi)/URL/Key contact name/Key contact first name/Email/Mobile
  • Contact details other parties involved (if any): Company name/Logo (300 dpi))/URL/Key contact name/Key contact first name/Email/Mobile
  • Contact details client (if any):Company name/Logo (300 dpi))/URL/Key contact name/Key contact first name/Email/Mobile


  • Name of the submitted case
  • Selected category(ies)
  • Written brief (in English - Max 500 words – adaptable per category)
  • Case Image (300 dpi)
  • Video presentation (120 sec. max.)
  • Period (Digital Communication & Digital Media only)
  • Media used: Images/URL of different media (Digital Communication & Digital Media only)
  • Other material (All categories)



  1. The IAB MIXX Awards are open to all creative, design or media agencies, avertisers, independent parties, media sales houses, technology providers, BAM members and BAM non-members.
  2. All entries within the Digital Communication & Digital Media categories should have run in Belgium between the 1st of September 2020 to the 1st  of September 2021 and should be conceived by the submitting company. 
  3. All entries within the Design & UX category should have been conceived in Belgium between 1st of September 2020 to the 30th of September 2021 by the submitting company. 
  4. All entries within the Digital Marketing Technology category should have been developed by the submitting company. 
  5. Submitters are responsible for registering and uploading their case(s). In case several parties worked together on a programme or tool, the lead content party should enter the case and the other party can be mentioned in the section ‘Summary/Period’.
  6. Everyone can enter one or several cases in one or several categories. Each case may be entered into a maximum of 3 categories but must be written differently each time to reflect the category’s particular emphasis. Not all combinations are allowed.
  7. An ‘Entry’ means one case with one choice of category. Should you enter the same case in, e.g. three categories, this represents three entry and therefore three entry fees. For more information, please see ”PRACTICAL”.
  8. All Entries need to be uploaded by midnight on 14th of September 2021
  9. If the entry fee is not paid by October 1st 2021 the case(s) will be automatically disqualified.
  10. Each entry has to be submitted in English. Creative Material (print & audio-visual) can be submitted in the language of the programme. Submissions must include a written case brief in English. The written brief is limited to 500 words. Video case presentation is limited to 120 seconds.
  11. If there is less than 5 cases submitted in a category, the IAB MIXX Awards organisers reserves the right to cancel the entire category.
  12. Work submitted must be original or you must have secured rights to submit it. You cannot include any work to which you do not have the rights. However, stock music/ images are allowed if you have the rights to use them.
  13. By entering your work for the competition, BAM is automatically granted the right to make copies, reproduce, or display the case material for education and publicity purposes. If you are a winner, you case material can be used in the online winners’ gallery on the website of the Belgian Association of Marketing.
  14. Submissions should reflect work that was carried out predominantly by the submitting company, and the role of collaborating (creative and media) participants and key individuals should be referenced.



If you have any questions, you can contact us by mail: